Rules at City Gyms facilities

Read these rules that apply to everyone who trains to get the best experience.

  1. You should always register your tag even when it is manned at the gym. If you have forgotten the tray, contact the staff to make a manual registration at the reception. At gym control you should always be able to show your tag.

  2. The tag is personal, which means that you are not allowed to let anyone into our premises. This also means that only paying members are allowed to stay in the gym. If you violate the rule, a penalty fee of SEK 1,000 will be required from you as well as a suspension. If something should happen in the premises, you who have been admitted by someone unauthorized can be held responsible for this.

  3. Work out in clothes that are suitable for indoor training and use clean indoor shoes.

  4. It is not allowed to exercise with bare torso or in the sock / barefoot due to hygiene reasons. Always wear clean clothes for everyone's well-being.

  5. Equipment and implements should be handled with care to avoid damage and uncomfortable loud noises.

  6. After use, always hang or place the equipment and implements in place. Wipe cardio machines and exercise machines with paper and cleaning spray after use.

  7. Those who do not handle the handling of weights, barbs or the like risk a 1 month suspension with full payment to the business.

  8. You must show consideration, do not make noise and you must not go down at City Gym. Do not leave your shoes or water bottle in the room. Leave the gym in the condition you want to find it. If anything in the gym breaks or if you notice broken equipment, please contact the staff.

  9. Always leave the front door closed and locked when you leave City Gym's premises. For problems or emergency situations, call the emergency telephone: 0221-711 91

  10. Magnesium (lime) is not allowed.

  11. Throw your rubbish and rubbish cans in the respective trash cans.

  12. We all want to enjoy ourselves and have a good time at the gym. Use your common sense. Respect your teammates and maintain a reasonable level of sound.

  13. Photography/filming/selfies at the gym. Keep in mind that others may not want to be part of the picture / movie. Ask first or make sure only you are in the picture.

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