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Phone switchboard: 0221-711 91 

Emergency phone: 0221-711 91

E-mail address for general questions:

Manager/Owner: Margrete Lundgren
E-mail address:
Phone: 0221-711 91

Owner/Economic Affairs: Lena Markusson
E-mail address:
Phone: 0221-711 91

Card /key tag - you need to use your card every time you practice to be registered. If you lose your card or tag / key tag, you must contact the City Gym staff as soon as possible.  You need to buy a new card/key tag. Price: 100 SEK.



You become a member by creating your profile:

Then you come to us to pay and collect your tag.

CITY GYM  i Västra Mälardalen

Telefon växeln: 0221-711 91

Jourtelefon: 0221-711 91



KÖPING, Stora Gatan 16

ARBOGA, Centrumleden 6

KUNGSÖR,  Kungsgatan 33

KOLSVA, Hemgårdsvägen 5

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